Who is fromufoot

Is  a medical specialist of the foot and ankle , it have encountered complaints from patients suffering with a variety of  problems,including  corns,hammer toes ,bunions ,heel pain ,metatarsal forefoot.

Any podiatrist would tell you that treatments for thoses conditions include orthotices ,injurtion ,padding ,medicaltions ,and / or change in shoes

      Patients have also seen me seeking a second opinion after they hace been  recommended a surgical procedure , the explanation usually given to the patient is that her musculoskeletal problem have became a fixed structral deformity that cannot be corrected 

       In spite of the many advances in surgical  treatment ,we must be aware that these are biomechanical problem , and  as such are inheretly more dynamic than they first appear, realize that the majority  of those problems are not congenital ,and we have acquired them from a lack of knowledge,regarding movement,bad habits, and many times,poor shoes selection ,

     In this primer on healthy foot mechanices  , Fromufoot offers simple solutions that you can take advantage of and practice on you own ,we have seen positive among my pstients who perform these exercises .