Your feet you may unknown

First ,let me congratulate you ,Picking up fromufoot blog , it is the first step toward improving the health of your feet ,ankles,knee,hips,pelvis, spine ,and bones, this book contains information  that has never been organized for public  consumption ,most of what you are about  to read was dredged up from the depths of academic  research  as part of  my master's thesis ,i desiged most of exercise protocol not only to make the foot healthy but also to optimize how the foot works with  all of  the other tissue in the body ,

       there are 3 reasons  has called out to you ,1, you have feet. 2,you love the human body ,preventive medicine , and anythings to do  with health .3,as you reading this ,you have an aching ,stabbing soreness ,swelling ,stiffening ,bunioning ,smashing ,cramping ,and /or a limping sensation in your feet , you also have a closet of very cute shoes ,alongwith a vague notion that the two may be related