what are the best  for plantar fascitis

what are the best for plantar fascitis

The plantar fascia is the ligament that runs from the heel bone ,or calcaneus, to the base of the toes , it helps to from and stabilize the foot's arch and functions as a stress absorber , when the plantar fascia  ligament is strained ,it becomes in flamed and painful ,a condition called plantar fasciitis .

just as  a taut bowstring arches a bow ,the plantar fascia "bows up" the arch of the foot ,the ligament provides the arch with 25% of its supports and strength , when  activities place excessive weight or force on foot ,the footelongates and the plantar fascia flattens.,this flattening increase the tension in the ligament ,and it pulls on its attachment point in the heel ,initiating the inflammation and pain , plantar fasciiitis occurs most commonly where the ligament attaches to the bottom of the heel bone ,less frequently ,it occurs in the middle of the ligament ,at arch of the foot /.

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